The Body Bar by Kalola Botanicals

The Body Bar by Kalola Botanicals
159 Hurontario Street
L9Y 2L9
Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm | Sun: 11am-4pm

Let us take you on a journey with our amazing botanical skin care and body care products that are carefully chosen, to help …restore, rejuvenate and relax you. Make every day a special day.

Our inspiration comes from Nature, which holds powerful secrets. Delicate herbs and botanicals whisper the secrets to longevity and health. Fragrant flowers, by way of oils and petals, bestow beauty and healing magic on their users. It is through the marvels of aromatherapy, that we are able to offer an experience of serenity to the mind.

We are inspired nature and dedication to sourcing only the highest standards of natural ingredients in order to offer a truly healing experience for the body, mind and soul.