Mayor Sandra Cooper and special guest MC, Opera Tenor, Craig Ashton, announced the recipients in the categories of Organization, Youth and Adult.

Everyone is encouraged to plink a tune, practice their scales or polish a Minuet for both their own enjoyment and that of the passersby.

Art on the Street is an outdoor gallery of art banners, hand-painted chairs and murals by artists of all ages and styles.

Come out to the municipal parking lot on the corner of Second and Pine Streets every Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. to enjoy our market’s 13th anniversary year

Hendricks, who hails from England, was selected during the Grand Finals competition at the 23rd annual Collingwood Elvis Festival

Collingwood will celebrate Canada with a community mural project comprised of 150+ pieces to be painted by community members and visitors on Canada Day

The historic streets of Downtown Collingwood come alive as the warm weather arrives.. The downtown core can become bustling with people attending the variety of fun filled events the town has to offer.

We are pleased to announce that Collingwood has been named by as one of the “35 Most Beautiful Destinations in Canada”!

Located throughout our downtown core are several murals, created by renowned artists to present a snapshot of our past.