Collingwood celebrates Canada 150 with community mural

April 5, 2017

Collingwood will celebrate Canada with a community mural project comprised of 150+ pieces to be painted by community members and visitors on Canada Day. The first pieces of the art project were released to the public on Family Day resulting in contributions from more than 70 families taking part in the events at Central Park Arena on February 20.

The mural is comprised of 150+ multi coloured and shaped pieces that celebrate the diversity of Canada’s regions and cultures. Each coloured segment will be a canvas on which families and individuals can contribute their own creative flair to the completed mural. When embellishing their piece, painters will be reminded to think about our community, culture, people, stories or natural surroundings.

“The pieces will form a maple leaf, the same way that communities and cultures collectively form the fabric of Canada,” describes mural designer Shane Durnford. “Each distinctive painting will be collectively mounted on small blocks of varying depths to create shadow and dimension. The maple leaf will radiate outwards, representing our future.”

The mural template was designed by Shane Durnford, a visual branding designer and master sign crafter living in Collingwood with experience in community art projects. He graduated from Toronto’s George Brown Typography and Design curriculum in 1981.