Who is at the Market?


Aldergrove Farm

Glynis and Fraser and are a small certified organic farm growing produce, cut flowers, pastured pork and lamb. They are committed to growing healthy, nutritious food for you and family that tastes amazing, looks amazing and lasts in your fridge! They grow a wide range of staples and specialty vegetables such as salad greens, arugula, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, sweet peppers, kale, chard, kohlrabi, fennel, rapini and more. The meat is from happy, healthy animals that lived their lives in the grass and in the sun. See you at market!

Annanda Chaga

Annnada Chaga offers certified organic medicinal Chaga Mushrooms from Northwestern Ontario. Considered a powerful natural antioxidant, a super adaptogen and an anti-stress nerve tonic and enjoyed as a soothing, mild, earthy tea. From an ethnological point of view the Chaga Mushroom has often been described as the King of medicinal mushrooms in comparison to other medicinal fungi like Reishi, Shitake, Maitake and Oyster mushrooms. More and more people are looking to the forest when it comes to regaining control of their personal health and well-being.

Ali’s Kitchen

Aster Lane Bread

Aster Lane Bread, located near Neustadt, Ontario, uses a wood-fired brick oven to bake real sourdough bread. All of our bread is made using locally, organically grown grain. The flours used are real whole wheat or lightly sifted; they do not use white flour. All of the bread is naturally leavened for better health and flavour and do not add commercial yeast.

Bay Blue

Bay Blue is a handmade Ceramic and Concrete shop located in Collingwood Ontario. Bay Blue is a small business created by Aysia Garbe, a local to Blue Mountain and an aspiring entrepreneur. Aysia is inspired by the shores of Georgian Bay and the hills of Blue Mountain. Bay Blue products are available online or in the many shops who carry Bay Blue pieces in the Collingwood and Thornbury area. For a list of where to find and purchase Bay Blue Ceramics, please visit the website. Bay Blue is known for their one of a kind functional ceramics and their unique concrete planters. For custom projects, please contact Aysia directly. Bay Blue is extremely excited to be participating in the Collingwood Downtown Farmers Market this season.

Beaver River Farm

Located in Singhampton Gourmet Oils including flax, sunflower, safflower, pumpkin and other all cold pressed.

Bee Educated

The Biscotti Peddler

Blue Mountain  Flowers

The Body Bar

Borrow or Rob

“Borrow or Rob is a Collingwood local jewelry and accessory shop with an antique, curio feel. Think ‘grandma’s attic’. The name itself is a palindrome (a phrase that reads the same forward and backward), which echoes the business focus of scavenging items that have lived out their original intent and re-purposing them for another. You’ll find cuff links, earrings, and necklaces made of old pocket watch parts, clock gears, and skeleton keys. Some of the materials used are found in nature – sea urchin spines, sea shells, leaves, and driftwood. Many items are completely one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated!”

Cabin Bistro

Chef Patrick’s Gourmet Foods

Collingwood Olive Oil Company

You can expect to sample the highest quality extra virgin olive oils harvested from the most current crops around the globe. We utilize the alternating harvest seasons in the Northern and Southern hemispheres to access the most recent olive crushes, allowing us to offer the freshest juice available – not just once but twice per year!

Collingwood Olive Oil Company offers both fused and infused oils that come in a variety of flavours using natural ingredients only employing our fresh harvest olive oil as the base. Our balsamics are made in the traditional fashion, starting with grape “must” and working their way through a series of wooden barrels. Our balsamic, unlike any other on the market, contains absolutely no caramel colouring and therefore no gluten! Taste our traditional condimento and explore other flavours such as raspberry, cranberry-pear, and coconut. We will be featuring our new artisan fruit puree balsamic at the market this year!

Creemore Coffee Studio

Crooked Tree Fine Foods

I started selling our delicious nut based spreads and crackers ​at our local Collingwood Farmers’ Market in 2015!  With amazing support we’ve improved our product and built our brand around healthy foodies.  I founded Crooked Tree to include others who are looking for a convenient healthy option over heavy processed foods while staying clear of gluten, dairy and sugars.

Friendly food for: Vegans – Vegetarians – Paleo – Cleansing Diets

I was faced with a “life changing” diet alteration years ago after learning our son should avoid gluten, dairy and refined sugars to help with his digestion, mood and behavior.  It takes time to learn and practice new food habits and I can relate to so many people who feel overwhelmed and discouraged when trying to make a change.  Life has taken me down many paths and what was once a hobby has slowly developed into building a brand to feed nutritious delicious healthy bodies. Looking forward to meeting you at the market this season!  Monica

Canadian Celtic Jewelry


Dan Edwards

Hypertufa Garden Planters are handmade and designed by Dan Edwards. They are available with indoor or outdoor succulents, and come in various sizes.

D-D Meats

Dino Collars and Dragon Fly

Donnarae’s Designs

Farm to Table





Free Spirit Gardens

Free Spirit Gardens is a local non-profit vegetable gardening company.  We run a large community garden in Collingwood and host both community and school workshops on all topics related to growing your own food.  At the market we sell organic heirloom vegetable seedlings and seeds.  We publish a weekly newsletter with gardening tips and event info.

Georgian Hills Vineyards

Grandma Isiah’s Shortbread

Guilt Free Goodness

Guilt Free Goodness is all about naturally, healthy food. Created by two Registered Holistic Nutritionist’s whose passion are to share that food doesn’t have to taste bad to be good for you. All goods are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and preservatives. Vegan options are also available. It is not only about what the goods are free from, but more importantly what the goods are made with. Every product contains high-quality ingredients and super foods that nourish your body. Creativity, thought and much love has gone into each and every goodie to ensure that they are always nutritiously delicious. This will be Guilt Free Goodness’ fourth year at the market!

Heritage Estate



High on Health

Hill and Bay

Hill and Bay supplies the Collingwood Market and vicinity with fresh savoury pies, quiches and sauces made with local ingredients. As a caterer, Hill and Bay is able to specialize in organic, gluten free, and vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Stop by and enjoy the difference in our savoury creations.

Hunky Honey

In Season

“In Season” is Barbrae Lougheed’s home baking business. She specializes in fruit of the season pies, butter tarts, wonderful cookies and Gramma Kennedy’s date squares which are featured in “Come To Our Table South Georgian Bay Cookbook”. This is Barb’s 7th year at The Collingwood Farmers Market and her motto is, everything you get at my table you would have had at Gramma’s!

JD Boss Hot Pepper Sauce

Johanne’s Jams, Jellies & Pickles

Jump 4 Jewels

Kickn’ Back Alpaca Ranch

Kolapore Gardens

Kolapore Gardens is a certified organic, biologically intensive market garden producing top quality, nutrient dense vegetables, herbs and flowers.  Established in 2010 by Mike Reid, the gardens consist of a very productive 2.5 acres in the Blue Mountains.  All produce is grown at the gardens with special attention paid to maintaining optimum soil health as it contributes both to nutrient density of the produce as well as the long term sustainability of the land.


Magic of Children in the Arts

The Magic of Children in the Arts is offering free children’s art activities every Saturday at the market. A variety of artists will be facilitating art workshops in a wide range of artistic fun. Drop in anytime to create some art. All ages welcome. Additionally we are running a Lemonade Stand. Stop by and enjoy a refreshing glass of organic lemonade or ice tea.  Plus, pick up some delightful children’s art greeting cards. All proceeds help fund the Magic of Children in the Arts exhibition. We are a registered charity.

Mansfield Heritage Farm

Marsh Street Treats

At Marsh Street Sweets we do things a little differently. Our handcrafted mallows combine quality ingredients to create something special. Toast them for s’mores, top your hot drink or sneak one straight from the package; our mallows are bound to make your mouth happy. From Vanilla Bean to Blackberry Ginger Balsamic there is a flavour for everyone. With rotating seasonal flavours check back each week to see what’s available. Handcrafted hot chocolate mixes, s’more kits and our new “soon to be famous” S’more jar round out our weekly offerings.

Maxwell Apple Orchards

McCutcheon’s Maple Syrup

Mobile Massage Medic

 Serving the areas of Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Wasaga Beach. Let us do all the work, we come to you.

My Little Chickpea Gourmet

Make dinner and entertaining easy with My Little Chickpea’s gourmet grab-and-go falafels, salads, veggie burgers, dips and other goodies.  Or simply come to the market for a stroll and grab one of our famous falafel sandwiches or plates. There is lots of vegan, gluten free and superfood options.  All products are preservative free and nutrient dense.

Nottawasaga Lighthouse Preservation Society

The Nottawasaga Lighthouse Preservation Society is a group of individuals who wish to preserve and protect the Nottawasaga Lighthouse which sits just outside the Collingwood Harbour.  Our goal is to restore it to its former glory when it acted as a beacon to guide mariners around the rocky shoals of Southern Georgian Bay.

We sell t-shirts, ¼ zipped fleece sweaters, polo shirts, jewellery and lighthouse hats.  We also will have available our Andrew Peycha limited edition prints of the Nottawasaga Lighthouse.  Please stop by our booth and support us or to find out more information about our cause.  We are always looking for volunteers as well.

Opa’s Workshop

One Love

OneLove is a lifestyle brand specializing in clothing, gifts and accessories that are handmade, fair trade and eco-friendly. We are located in Collingwood Ontario and accessible online through a new eCommerce site starting Summer 2017.




Fully aware of how busy our daily life is, PlantLicious wants to make it as easy as possible to make healthy food choices on a daily basis:

  • Sample or buy stir fry sauces, dressings, bread spreads, and salads at the Collingwood farmer’s market
  • “PlantLicious on Wheels” brings cooking kits right to your door
  • “PlantLicious Weight Loss Programs” are teaching you all you need to lose weight for good.

After graduating “Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition” at eCornell, Antje became an affiliate member of the “Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine” and a member of the “American College of Lifestyle Medicine”. With PlantLicious, Antje wants to make it easy for everybody to see the difference between another food myth and really healthy nutrition.


Rallis Olive Oil

Rallis Olive Oil is the world’s only ice pressed olive oil.  Ice pressed is an exceptional step above standard cold pressed olive oil.   This rare and cutting edge technology created by the renegade engineer, turned producer Theo, creates a highly nutritive, uncorrupted taste, texture and colour.  None of which could be possible without our patriarch farmer Nick Rallis.  The man that has a coffee amongst his orchards every morning, refuses to spray, use pesticides or herbicides and all our trees are from ancient strains,  Stop by and ask Nick about his orchards before he heads back to Greece.

The Retreat House

Ryan’s Sweet Corn





The Rustic Oven

Studio Briar

Sideroad Farm

Sideroad Farm is a family run operation in Walter’s Falls that grows veggies and cut flowers as well as raises heritage breed pigs and chickens outside on pasture. Patrick and Amy Kitchen own and operate the farm along with their son, Wyatt (who is a little too young to do any farming yet). As farmers and stewards of the land Pat and Amy are passionate about environmental and human health. They farm organically using no chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers and no GMOs. Find Sideroad Farm at the market every week from May – October.

Soupherb Soups

Stone Tree Naturpathic Clinic

Sunrise Gardens

Sutton Family Farm

The Sutton Family Farm has been in the family for over 150 years with my great great grandparents purchasing the farm in 1864 after emigrating from Ireland.  We are the 6th generation of farmers.  It is in our blood.  The farm itself has never had fertilizer or sprays.  We let our vegetables grow naturally which gives them a better taste.   We grow for our preserves as well as vegetables for sale.  “Better than organic, grown naturally “.

Sweet…by Nature

Tansy Organic Apple Farm

Tansy Farm is a family owned and operated apple orchard. They have been certified organic for thirty years. Tansy Farm believes in growing clean fruit in a safe environment for our family, the workers on our farm and ultimately for our customers to enjoy. Baked goods are made with our apples. Pies, crumbles, cakes and muffins are available along with apples and fresh pressed cider in season. Pricing policy reflects the belief that good healthy produce should be available to everyone. Tansy farm is honoured to be part of this market and we look forward to providing the best that we can to our wonderful valued customers/ friends.

Thornbury Bakery

The Thornbury Bakery has been a landmark in Thornbury for almost 100 years!  Known  for our Chelsea Buns, Fruit Scones, Cinnamon Rolls, Chop Suey Buns, Buttertarts and assorted muffins and pies, our bakery now offers much, much more and we bring many of these weekly to the market.  Everyday our bakers produce freshly baked pastries and bread from scratch.   Nothing out of a package or from the freezer, we mix, proof many market favourites like Sunflower, Buttermilk Dark Rye, Cheese, Wild Leek, Country Oat and many more each and every market morning.  Recently we have added a line of Gluten-Free breads and treats that are now market favourites for our many Vegan / Gluten Intolerant diet patrons.

Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers is new to the Collingwood Market this year and we are pleased to offer a variety of unique and handmade goods including:

  • healthy dehydrated fruit leathers, made from 100% fruit
  • nature-inspired crafts and jewelry including feather earrings, terrariums, aromatherapy jewelry, treasure lockets, crystal earrings and necklaces, and smudging supplies
  • fresh cut heirloom flowers we are growing organically at our home near Chatsworth, sold both in arrangements and by the stem

We look forward to getting to know the community and serving our customer’s needs and requests throughout the season.  We can make custom jewelry pieces or flower arrangements for you!


TouShea is a local natural skin care company featuring Black African Soap and Unrefined Shea Butter products.  Products are pure, unscented and free of chemicals providing moisture and healing properties for the skin.



Twin Creeks Farm

Twin Creeks Farm is a diverse family farm, located on the rolling hills of the Niagara Escarpment (Woodford), nestled in the northern head waters of the Big Head River which flows into Georgian Bay at the town of Meaford. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality 100% grass only beef and lamb, corn & soy free pastured pork and poultry, and a wide range of organically grown seasonal vegetables. Gerald and Shari-Lynn starting farming in 1998 knowing it was a great way to live and raise their family. They continue to enjoy farming and growing healthy food for themselves and others. The te Velde family’s favorite part of farming is being outside even when it’s raining, especially the younger kids. The kids also really enjoy small square bale haying in the summer, except maybe when the hay is too old and dry, and of course operating the tractors! When the family is not farming they enjoy playing soccer, reading or spending time with family and friends.


Uncle Woody’s Gourmet

“Uncle Woody has been serving up delicious, smoked peameal bacon on a bun at the Downtown Collingwood Farmers market since 2014. Three thick cut slices of peameal on a fresh brioche, whole wheat or gluten-free bun, topped with your choice of gourmet, homemade condiments. In addition to the standard fare, we make mustard pickle relish (using a family recipe from Newfoundland), Georgian Bay spicy apple chutney, maple mustard, Cuban hot sauce, three different styles of BBQ sauce, and caramelized onions. New this year is a line of homemade, all natural dog treats so your four legged friends are happy too!”

Visual FX


Walter’s Perogies